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Update from Danielle.

Hi Everyone! Danielle here, thought I’d check in and let you all know how I’m doing. This week, I moved onto the next stage of my training. The running times became more intense, and the times and speed quickened. I now have to run for an hour each time, to strengthen my muscles and improve my endurance further. How exciting. Last Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I ran for 40 minutes per day, and didn’t struggle at all! Saturday I ran 12 miles, a point I never thought I’d get to! And whats more, I felt like I could keep going. This can only be a good sign…

Wednesday of this week, I woke up in the morning feel achey, tired, sick and purely exhausted. I wasn’t sure id be able to get out of bed for my morning run. “This is the last thing I want” I thought. Luckily, I managed to gather the strength to get up and run for an hour. This time it was hard, and when it was over, I was so glad to be home and on the sofa with a tea. Today (Wednesday) I have done an hour run, and I am no longer feeling unwell. I will run again on Friday, however Thursday I will rest. At the moment, I feel as though I am not eating the correct foods, at the correct times. Sometimes, with being a busy mum and working some evening, alongside my training, I don’t have enough time to eat until well into the afternoon. My nutrition is an important aspect of my training, and its not correct at the moment.

If anyone has any tips on what sorts of things I need to eat and at what times, please let me know!


The link to my just giving page is below, any amount of support is much appreciated.

Danielle's Just Giving Site

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