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Danielle's Week

I've had a hectic week with the Marathon Running these past few weeks. I have been running further and testing my endurance by running 18 miles last week! This is the furthest I have been so far, and I'm gearing up to run the big 20 in the next week or so.

I visited a running shop last week and bought myself some real running trainers! The sales assistant tested the way that I run with a treadmill and a camera, and recommended me some running shoes based on what he saw. My new trainers are bright pink, and I certainly stand out from the crowd!

When the sales assistant assessed my strides, he told me I need to tone my glutes, as my hip goes down one side and may be a problem when running in the future. After the 18 mile run i've found that my hip ached a little afterwards, which is probably to do with the hip dropping.

If anyone has any tips for toning the glutes and preventing my hip dropping on one side, please let me know.

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