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The Importance of a Portion of Peas

by Colin Morgan

Each week I try to give you the reason why you should have confidence in us as your office supplies, promotional goods and printed material supplier. Well it occurred to me while I was cooking our roast dinner yesterday that the answer really is all in the “peas”

Let me explain….

You have all heard the phrase: “prior planning and preparation produces perfect performance”
Well Meakins view is that this is only half a portion of “peas” – here’s how we can offer a grown up portion to your business.

Provenance and Practice: – Meakins has been in the office supplies and printing business for 30 years – all that practice has made us very good at what we do …….

People: I am sure all of us recognise that our people are our most valuable asset. We have serious depth of skill and knowledge – 40 combined years in office supplies and printing and over 35 years of combined sales experience…..all of which gives us

Professionalism – all Meakins family members are “born” with printing in their blood

Personality: Meakins has a face, a personal relationship with all its customers, unlike many of our competitors who operate behind on line ordering sites and telesales operations.

Product: through our relationship with Spicers and VOW we offer an office supplies product range equal to anything on the market…and it is priced competitively.

Patience and Persistence: We have recently won a significant print job with a very big national client with whom we first made contact almost 6 months ago. Our sales cycle is most often days and weeks not months but persistence and patience with this customer’s own timeline has secured the deal for us.

All of these elements have delivered…

Profit and Progress: What we are all in business for. We have added quality clients to our customer base, invested in the business through equipment, people and systems……..

Pension: Way too early for you young folk to be worried about such things I know but ultimately those successful business relationships will help support what I assume you all aspire to in retirement - which is bags of Pleasure and Playtime!!

Now that’s what we call a “grown up portion of peas”, and that’s what Meakins will help bring to your business if you give us the opportunity to show you what we can do.

So call us today - and place your order for PEAS!

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