The Meakins Loyalty Scheme

We have started a new Loyalty Card Scheme to reward our customers!

For every £100 you spend in one order, we will give you one Loyalty Card point. This will kick - start your pathway to your prize. You need 10 points to win your prize...
Its that simple!

Email us at for more information on how this works. In the meantime, wet your loyalty appetite with the pictures of previous loyalty prizes!

A strange start to Spring…

Meakins had a strange start to Spring...

Around early February, Colin and Andrew got called to a meeting by Robert Hayward, the owner of TEXO Scaffolding & Construction. Thinking it was to do with ARC Promotions & Events Management's Boxing Event, (the company they started in January with Rob Bowyer) which was being held at Five Lakes on April 9th (check out ARC Promotions Facebook page for more information), they left with their events management hats on.

As TEXO were the main sponsor for the evening, alongside JD Contracts, they were just expecting some details from them. However, there was a huge shock in store, as Mr Hayward broke the news that he was the main Sponsor for the Anthony Joshua World Title Fight at the 02 Arena on the same night! When we reminded Rob of the date, he was a little upset, but being the gentleman that he is, he left his sponsorship money in the ARC Event.

Happily for Meakins, TEXO decided to use us for all their merchandise (T-Shirts & Jumpers) and his vehicle graphics! (Pictures below). Rob Hayward needed someone he could trust to give him the best quality at an affordable price. Under the harsh time constraints, he knew who to call!

Meakins achieved everything required of them, with time to spare and to top everything off, when AJ knocked Martin to the canvas, he only sat down on the end of the TEXO logo!

ARC's event went off fantastically and Rob was even kind enough to pay to have thee AJ fight on in the Crowne Plaza hotel to the delight not only of our boxing guests but the rest of the hotel.

Its not everyday you get to produce for a world title fight, so we were proud to deliver, just like AJ on the night!

Thanks again to Texo's Rob Hayward, and JD Contracts.

For more details on TEXO Scaffolding  go to

Danielle Raises Money for the Marathon

Danielle Raises Money at Five Lakes - Colchester

ARC Promotions put on a Boxing Event at Five Lakes, Colchester on April the 9th (blog about this will be up shortly.) Danielle brought along her St John Ambulance bucket, and managed to raise a whopping £287.61 for her cause!

We will now begin the two week countdown to the day...

If you haven't had a chance to sponsor Danielle, her JustGiving Page can be found by clicking the link below.

Danielle's JustGiving Page

Danielle Runs the Marathon

My name is Danielle Meakin, and I am going to run the marathon in April 2016. This is my blog to document all things marathon running and training.

Every year I watch the London Marathon on TV, and I am always inspired to do it. “I can do that!” I think, but never got round to signing up. Until now.

I entered into the ballot prior to the event, with high hopes and excitement running through me, quite literally. Unfortunately I wasn’t successful. Feeling disappointed, deflated and unaccomplished, I thought my dreams of running the marathon were over.

However, after some debate, online research and pure determination, I found out I could run it through a charity! St John’s Ambulance was my choice, and I was so ready.

My training started in April 2015. Before my decision to run the marathon, I enjoyed a leisurely run, and I always kept myself fit. I thought I was relatively healthy and capable of a lengthy run. I quickly found out that wasn’t the case. On my first run with my trainer, I could only run for 20 minutes! To me, for a hopeful marathon runner, that was very disappointing.

Slowly but surely, my stamina and endurance built up, and at this present moment, I can run for a couple of hours and not feel tired. My body has improved so much in such a short space of time!

Training is now going really well, and I am due to run in 92 days. I don’t enjoy the early mornings, however it is a lot easier now than it was when I first started. My average time is a mile in 10 minutes, and I hope to finish the marathon in under 5 hours.


If you wish to sponsor me for the cause that I am running for, the link for my “Just Giving” page is below. Anything you can give is appreciated, and I hope you enjoy my future blogs about my progress!




Danielle's Just Giving Fund


Farewell Jenny Meakin!

On the 30th of September, Jenny retired after an amazing 27 years in the business. The Meakins team, and many old friends and family joined her at Le Bouchon Brasserie & Hotel in Maldon for a wonderful leaving meal. After many drinks and wonderful food, a tearful farewell was said to Jenny as she sailed off on her retirement adventures. She has plans to do some travelling with her spare time, and she may come and join us again in January.

For now, her two sons Andrew and Lee have taken over Meakins, and have lots of plans to grow and progress.

We thank all of our loyal customers for your continued support, and a special thankyou to Jenny, for keeping the service alive through some tough times.