The best uses for Magnetic Whiteboards

A magnetic whiteboard is made up of ferromagnetic sheets with specially painted light surfaces onto which material can be written or drawn using suitable marker pens. They were first invented in the 1950s but became popular with the invention of the dry erasable marker in 1975. Whiteboards became more popular than their predecessor the blackboard in the 1960’s and have become fixtures in many offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and other work environments from 1990 onwards.

There are various types of material used to produce a whiteboard: Melamine, painted steel or aluminium, hard coat laminate, porcelain enamel on steel and tempered glass. All have dry-erase properties. Whiteboards come in different formats, on a roll, in sheets or on pre-formed boards. They also come with an adhesive backing in a roll or sheet form. Other versions of dry marker boards are available in coated paper and high gloss vinyl which can be rolled up. A polypropylene magic whiteboard uses static electricity to cling to walls, windows and doors. So what are the potential uses?

Take notes and photograph

Jot down notes, ideas and projects onto your dry board and take a picture. By taking a photo, you will ensure that everyone, for example, work teams or students have access to the information long after it has been erased.


By using a glass dry erase board on top of your desk, you can write notes wherever you want instead of using sticky notes. Glass dry erase boards can also be used in front of contrasting walls or framed.


With a little imagination, you can create a whiteboard calendar with dry erase markers. Using different coloured markers you can make a note of birthdays, holidays and different upcoming events. On another board, you could create a to-do list or shopping list. Clients have used our magnetic whiteboards in Essex and other locations for precisely this reason.


Install a whiteboard on one entire wall, it would be brilliant in a children’s bedroom where they could draw pictures or stick up school work etc. Also in an office environment or police station, an entire wall would save using flip charts when presenting a lecture or talk.

Whiteboards are available with an anti-microbial technology which can be used in hospitals, surgeries, kitchens and all sterile environments: When wiped, germs are erased at the same time as the marker ink, therefore keeping the environment germ free. Whiteboards are used in hospital wards for keeping records of which patient has which bed; to advise which doctor is in which clinic in waiting rooms; and a multitude of other uses.


Whiteboards are available on mobile frames on castors which can be moved from one area to another. They can be provided double sided and revolving. You can have a combination of whiteboard with flipchart on one side and a noticeboard on the other.

If you require magnetic whiteboards in Essex or in other locations throughout the UK, we stock a comprehensive range of them.