The Best Filing Solutions for Office Organisation

Organising your home or work office is important for productivity, and there is ample choice when it comes to the various files and binders available. Here is a look at some of the best solutions to get your paperwork in order.

Ringed Binders and Lever Arch Files

Ringed binders are an office staple for papers that have been hole punched or are kept in plastic wallets. These have metal rings which pull apart, and while they typically have four sets of rings, the number and spacing can vary to include two and three rings, holding paper sizes of A4, A3 or A5. Presentation binders will already have plastic wallets inserted, allowing you to simply slot paperwork into place. Ringed binders made from both softer plastic and cardboard, including PVC covered, are commonly available. For office files and binders in Essex, Meakins can offer advice on the size options best suited to your needs.

For more heavy duty filing, lever arch files provide a more robust solution and are often made from sturdy cardboard with two metal rings. For on the go organisation and more formal meetings, consider a conference binder that has a soft fabric outer, is zipped for security and looks more sophisticated.

The spine of the folder is ideal for labelling, and colored dividers with side tabs can be added to differentiate sections of paperwork inside.

Wallets for Loose Paperwork

Transparent punched pockets, sometimes called document holders or plastic wallets, have a reinforced hole punched edge and are ideal for inserting into ringed binders, but they are also useful for keeping loose papers together and clean. Plastic document wallets are great for storing loose papers of varying sizes, and these can be fastened with poppers or zips for office, storage or travel purposes. Cardboard wallets are perhaps less durable over time, but the assortment of colours, easy expansion and the ability to write on the covers still make foolscap folders a popular choice.

Boxed Files

These are quite simply boxes with a lock spring mechanism inside to hold paperwork down and keep the contents secure. The larger size, sturdy outer shell and large spine for labelling make them ideal for loose papers, documents without hole punched edges and for archiving.

Suspension Files

If you have a filing draw, suspension files can easily slot inside to keep paperwork organised. Because they hang on metal or plastic clips, they are easy to remove or to adjust to accommodate more content.

For a breadth of options when it comes to sizes, colours and formats, quality office files and binders in Essex are available from Meakins. Trading for over 28 years, this family run company put customer needs at the forefront of their service and offer next day delivery for free on every order.

There are various products available when it comes to office organisation, and these examples show that there’s a solution for every need, preference and situation.