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Maybe you’re an office manager who needs to restock your office stationery supplies. Or perhaps you’re a GCSE student looking to organise your coursework or revision notes. Maybe you are even an author, who wants to keep your manuscript in tip-top condition. Whoever you are, and whatever you’re doing, there’s a good chance you will need document wallets at some stage in your life.

Document wallets have been around for some time, serving to keep paperwork organised for a wide range of people. From CEOs needing to keep important contracts in one place to company secretaries filing away staff information, many people find document wallets a vital piece of their office equipment.

Buying document wallets is simplicity in itself – you can buy them in many high street stores. But if you need more than just the odd one or two, it makes sense to seek out a reliable, affordable online business which can provide you with new wallets as and when you need them, so you never run out. If you’re buying document wallets in Essex, or elsewhere, for that matter, what are your options, and what should you be looking for?

The right wallet for the job

Obviously, if you are looking to buy document wallets you will already have a specific purpose in mind for them. In order to choose the right type, you first need to have an idea of how much paper you are intending to put in them. To get a better idea, the smallest document wallets have a 30mm capacity and a recommended paper capacity of 125 sheets of 80gsm paper. The largest capacity is 35mm, which will hold approximately 175 sheets of 80gsm paper. So if you think your document wallets are going to be jam-packed full of paper, you may want to consider buying the larger, stronger versions, which will better stand the test of time. If you are likely only to put a dozen sheets of paper in each wallet, however, go for a cheaper, lighter option.

The ‘green’ choice?

You may think that buying document wallets has nothing to do with the environment, but you’d be wrong. Every purchase we make has an impact on the planet, and that includes stationery. If you care about trying to be more environmentally-friendly, which document wallets are best?

Well, unfortunately, there is not an easy answer to this question. Paper document wallets are, obviously recyclable, so they can be turned into something else once they become ripped or worn out. However, plastic ones, although taking more resources to manufacture, will probably last longer, so may turn out to be ‘greener’ in the long run. Plastic wallets can be used time after time after time without being damaged. And indeed, some local authorities will be able to recycle your plastic wallets once they are past their usable state.

Whichever option you go for, buying online will undoubtedly save you time, money and effort. Why not speak to the experts to find out the best buying options?

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