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Don't be a Harold, by Colin Morgan

Hi all and welcome to my first blog on the Meakins website. I was at a local agricultural show over the weekend, and while trying my arm at archery a vision of Harold at Hastings flashed into my head. This then reminded me of the old salesman’s story:


Picture if you will King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. It is towards the final phase of the battle and Harold is surrounded by the last few of his personal bodyguard - his faithful House Carls - all of them fighting for their lives. Swinging and slashing his broadsword at the advancing Norman horde, Harold becomes aware of a tugging at his tunic. He looks down to see one of his pages…….
“sire” pleads the page, “there is a man here who would crave an audience with thee” ….. the page continues…. “He says he is a purveyor of machine guns” ……
Harold throws the page a disdainful look and replies…. “tell him to go forth, I am busy!!”


Now there is a pretty straightforward moral to that tale – don’t go up against the French without a machine gun……but there is another more business related message which I should like to get across to you….


Many of you will view the subject of office supplies and stationery as a very low priority area of spend. If I asked you to look into what you are currently buying and at what cost you would probably say you “did not have the time”. However from our experience office supplies is typically a very undisciplined area of spend – one where your costs are very much higher than they need to be…..and sometimes shockingly high. Very often a look at the stationery cupboard will reveal a trail of all the special offers there have been over the past year or so and the personal preferences of all of your past employees. The problem for your business is that the cuddly toys and chocolates which came with all the special offers have all “gone home” and you are left with a bewildering array of pens, folders and other office supplies which are simply stranded spend .Our approach at Meakins would be to rationalise what you buy down to what you need and control at least that area of your costs ….. and all at the most competitive prices.


So the real moral of this story and my message to all of you for this week is…..

 Don’t Be A Harold!

 …. call Meakins today for all your printing, promotional and office supplies needs.

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