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Hi, I'm Rhiannon, and I am part of the Meakins team. This is my first blog on the Meakins website, so I hope it can be of some use!

When it comes to Stationery, not everyone sees the potential uses of everything in the office. This blog is here to show you how you can re-use rubbish, recycle your old stock into useful stuff, or buy new supplies to create an easier place to work!


Cup Speaker

This is ingenious. When I heard about this I thought, wow so simple, I bet it doesn't work! But it really, really does. All you need is 2 plastic cups and a toilet roll. Simply cut two holes in the side of the cups and jam a toilet roll in them. Cut a small slit for your phone and place in the holder, speaker down.

There you have it, your own workplace concert! Almost...

Cable Organizer

I certainly never knew my bulldog clips could be this useful! Do you ever find yourself in a mess of cables and wires when trying to plug something back into the back of your computer that's fallen out? Yep, everyone else too. This is why this is such a great idea. When clipped onto the edge of your desk behind your computer, you can thread each cable through to separate and organise. You can even go a step further and colour code depending on the function of the cable!

Alternatively, use a bulldog clip as a headphone/charger organiser. Simply clip the bulldog clip onto the edge of a surface and wrap the headphones around it. Easy!

A Cord Maintainer

Do your chargers end up frayed and broken through time? Well this is perfect for just that. Grab the spring from that broken clicky pen, open it out and wrap it around the charger in the weakest spot (usually for Apple chargers is below the plug in piece). This helps the charger to maintain its shape and, to not be bent too far. Thus, preserving your chargers life!

Laptop Cooling

Laptops can easily overheat, which can be dangerous for you and bad for the laptop. In order to stop this from happening, the vents at the bottom of the PC need to be open and able to receive air. By sitting your laptop on top of an open egg box, you can help the air to circulate in and out of the laptop and stop any dangerous situations arising!

Keyboard Beauty

Bored of your standard black keyboard? Try this! Simply cut some patterned masking tape (Washi Tape) into a square fit to the size of the buttons, and stick down. Its that simple! and you'll always stand out in the office!

Charger Organisers

Using Masking tape, simply cut a piece the size you need it to be (I would suggest leaving yourself enough room to write a label) and wrap it around the base of the cable near the wall plug. Then write on it the gadget that the plug belongs to and you are done! Organisation is key when you have lots of gadgets plugged in, especially when the cords all look the same.

That's all from me on the tips front today. All products you have seen listed in this blog are things that Meakins can provide you with. So if you feel like being the organised employee, give us a call! 01621 859853.
Hope you enjoyed my blog, any other tips and tricks you have are welcomed in the comments section.

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