A Guide to Buying Laminating Supplies in Essex

What Is Laminating?

Laminating is a process of manufacturing a product into different layers. The idea behind it is to increase the strength and durability of the product in question. Often laminating is used to preserve the appearance of an object and make it easy to clean. In an office setting lamination is often used to strengthen documents, including signage and posters. Laminating documents will protect them from wear and tear and strengthen them so they can be handled often or wall-mounted.

Litho-lamination is a modern process that enables many materials to be printed and laminated with a beautiful finish. These high-spec products are normally used for corporate events and advertising. Larger items can be made using this printing/laminating system.

Laminating paper involves covering the document with an overlay pouch made of plastic and passing it through a machine which heats the product, bonding it together.

Laminating can also be used for photographs to protect them from wear and tear as well as making them easy to clean and protecting them from smudges and spillages. Identification cards and credit cards are also laminated. There are various applications for lamination in the building and automotive industries, including windshields and plywood.

Laminating Services in Essex

If you are looking for laminating supplies in Essex, Meakins will be able to assist you in all your laminating needs, from office supplies to large-scale printing projects.

This family business has an excellent reputation for its printing and lamination services. They have been operating in the Essex area for over thirty years. Testimonials on their site demonstrate their superb laminating services and supplies. They have experience of helping businesses bring their ideas to life from origin to the finished product.

Printing Options

Direct Mail

Meakins can provide high-quality leaflets for your business. They have been supplying large companies with advertising and marketing materials for many years, producing high-quality personalised print. They can help with the design as well as the manufacturing of the leaflets. Check the website for examples of their direct mail products.


As well as leaflet printing and general reprographic services, they offer litho-laminating and are therefore able to supply businesses with excellent point-of-sale and promotional materials, as well as business advertisements and displays. Using state-of-the-art technology, they can make visually appealing and durable signage for your business, including promotional boards. Examples of their work are available to view on their website.

Other Types of Printing

Meakins have invested in state-of-the-art digital printing facilities. This popular service offers high-quality digital printing at affordable prices. Staff will be happy to help you develop your ideas. Meakins have also been using screen printing technology for over twenty years to print on a variety of materials such as aluminium, wood, cloth, paper and board.

As well as offering a range of stationery and office supplies, Meakins can offer a complete solution for your business’s laminating needs, including the creation of superb leaflets and other kinds of promotional and advertising materials.