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Innasol Boiler Cases!

I suppose most companies only put their outstanding successes on their website. Well anyone that's been in business knows, a company proclaiming a 100% success rate, is a company lying about their success rate.
We were tasked with the challenge of making a flight case into a boiler case, for our client Innasol, a company that sells eco friendly boilers, heating and appliances. They do a lot of exhibitions and shows, which require them to have their main boilers at the event for demonstrations and showcases to potential buyers.
These boilers can weigh up to half a ton and sell up to £16,000. The hard working Gavin at Innasol had been using a pallet and a pallet truck to move a boiler to a from events, whilst also having to get the boiler on and off of the pallet for aesthetic reasons.
Now I don't proclaim to be a genius, but I do, do weights and can tell you that shifting a 500kg boiler is no easy task!
So we have the flight case made to the appropriate requirements, and deliver it to Innasol. As I mentioned, not everything in business is a piece of cake. The trays that give the cases their strength were unfortunately obstructing part of the boiler where the pallets go in, therefore making demonstrations very difficult.
After a long and frank discussion, the client told us what they needed to have done to make this project viable for what they were needed for. This required having the trays remade with no sides. Instead, the tray would act as a flat base. We would then have to attach latch and clips to the new sides and under the bases, to stop the sides from falling off.

We had a date of the 10th April, which gave us around 4 weeks to get this done. Unfortunately at the last minute, Innasol added a show into their schedule, and the cases were required the following Friday! After extensive phone calls, and a lot of persuasion from us to our supplier, we managed to get the trays/bases on the Wednesday. Not bad, considering we had Easter weekend in between this period!
We called on our friend Ben Pink, who is a carpenter to help us fix the latches and clips that were needed to hold it all together. Ben was a busy boy, but after seeing a mate in need, he spoke to the company he was working for and arranged the Wednesday off to finish the clips.
As usual with this job, the delivery from our supplier to us was missed. We were now looking at Thursday, so Ben managed to change his day off, and the moment of truth was weighing heavily on us with no margin for error.
The trays turned up at lunchtime, and Ben and myself worked from then until 8:30pm on getting the cases ready for the client the next morning. We had a finished product to supply the customer with!
Upon putting the boilers on the trays it became clear that removing the sides had affected the strength, and the heaviest boiler was bowing the base! Luckily this boiler wasn't going to the shows, which meant we had time to amend this base. The call that Ben was hoping to never get from me again was made, and he again made time to help me add strength to the base. After much deliberation, we decided that a piece of thick ply wood attached to the bottom, then 3 wheels across the middle of the base would be sufficient, and it would make a finished product capable of ticking all the boxes.

The outcome was that even when the task changed midway through, by using our creativity and a little of others expertise, we got to a more than satisfactory conclusion. We overcame some particularly difficult circumstances with patience, learning and dedication.

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